Sunday Sermon Outline December 10, 2017

Matthew 1:18-23

God at Work in Christmas

God has been at work and He is now at work John 15:5

God in the fullness of time sent forth His Son born of woman burn under the Law Galatians 4:4

He Prepared through-

Adam, Abraham, Moses, David, to Babylon, through Romans, down to Jesus

Law and the sacrificial system

He promised one

Greater than Moses-Deuteronomy 18:15

To sit on the throne of David forever 2 Samuel 7:13b

Now the birth of Jesus

After generations

After everything was ready

Arranged marriage-Mary and Joseph

Before consummated

Mary found with child

Joseph just wanted to separate quietly

What was God doing? What kind of work in Christmas?

I. Conception of the Lord 20

A. Joseph thought

B. Angel sent from God-do not be afraid

C. Virgin birth matter

1. No virgin birth just a man

2. Just a man then not perfect and with sin

3. Not sufficient to pay price for sin

II. Salvation from the Lord 21

A. A son, unto us a son is given

B. Call Him Jesus

C. For He will save His people from their sin

III. Realization by the Lord 22

A. All this

B. Be fulfilled

C. Spoken by the Lord

D. Through His prophet

IV. Incarnation 23

A. Virgin with child

B. Bear a son

C. Call Immanuel

D. God with US


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