Pray for Bible School

Written by Selma Wilson from Lifeway:

6 Things to Pray for VBS

1. Pray for children to develop a heart for God and His Word.

2. Pray for families to be reached through this ministry to their children.

3. Pray for the staff and volunteer workers who will teach, lead, and serve. Pray for their strength, health, patience, and most of all that the love of Christ would be shown through them. Pray that they would receive an overflow of blessings from their week of service.

4. Pray for the community beyond the church to be impacted by this ministry.

5. Pray that the church would be stronger because of this ministry.

6. Pray, above all, that Christ would be magnified and the gospel would be advanced through this ministry to children.

Today, as a sixty-year-old woman, I am thankful for the impact VBS had in my own life and the life of my daughters. Today my oldest grandson, Josiah, will be going to VBS, so you know this grandmother will be praying this week for sure.


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